Benefits of Elicina Snail Cream Crema de Caracol

What is wonderful about Elicina snail cream that it is so versatile. All natural & organic with skin regenerating & skin rebuilding properties, but Elicina is also a natural antibiotic cream. Elicina with its antibiotic ingredients help heal damaged skin from sunburn, cuts, and abrasions. Elicina is safe for EVERYONE. This includes babies, infants, toddlers, children and adults. In Chile Elicina is safely applied to children after any type of surgery to aid and increase the recovery time of the damaged skin. Elicina cream comes in the convenient Elicina pocket size which is a tube 20g (.65oz) that you can conveniently carry. I use Elicina PLUS with moisturizer as my daily moisturizer and anti-aging regime but in my purse and in the medicine cabinet with the band-aids we have eliminated using Neosporin antibiotic cream and use only Elicina pocket which has a 3 year shelf life, although we go through our Elicina pocket quickly for all cuts and abrasions as I have a 8 & 6 year old! Here is a slide show of my 8 year old son after experiencing a bad fall at school. Elicina cream is wonderful and a little goes a long way, so it is economical too.