HYPED-UP KOREAN BEAUTY PRODUCTS 1: Are They Really Worth It? April Skin, Banila Co, Snail Products

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Hey lovelies!

I've recently found a lot of misinformation online about a number of things, and one of my passions is to make sure that you guys are the most well-informed K-beauty online community – without all the political correctness and sly sponsored reviews and marketing. It can be hard to see past the hype of some products sometimes! I don't know everything, but I hope what I can share with you guys in these two videos will help you guys to be better informed consumers 😉 We only have one skin so let's take care of it! ??

Watch Part 2: http://youtu.be/qZ3IPXrKqJE

Please remember these include my personal opinions, so they may differ from your thoughts. I don't mean to offend or criticise but to simply inform with my own experiences of the products in hopes that it helps you guys be better informed consumers 🙂 Everyone has different skin types and needs so please be sure to make your own informed view before reading a blogpost or watching a video (even mine) and accepting everything you may read or hear. One thing I also wanted to remind you guys – sometimes you don't know whether media articles hyping up a product has been sponsored or not. (Same with blogposts.)
Like I always say, it's always best to trial on yourself for the most accurate opinion!

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What other products are you curious about and want me to review?

Love always,
Jen xo


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Etude House Play 101 Pencil #5 http://bit.ly/29Js5VY
Snail Products

The Saem Snail Mask Sheet http://bit.ly/2a45f00

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